Free Association Friday


Hi all! Happy Friday!

Shit shit shit I have half an hour to make a post and make it on time for Friday. I fell asleep again! Not much happened this week. Went to the gun range on Wednesday with my friend. Shot some rounds. I had some nice groupings. We completely destroyed the zombie target with the shotgun. Anywhoo, I’m getting my camera ready for tomorrow’s food festival.

Slowly fading
Slipping slowly
Going backwards
Slowly fading
Slipping slowly
Going backwards
Moving forwards
Walking on the fritz
Moving forwards
Walking on the fritz
Lose track of time
Pass out
Blurring the lines between reality
The beauty within the shell
I hear a voice in my head
Says it’s real
I hear another voice
Say’s it’s fake
Each new reality quickly becomes a fake
Quick repeat
Slow repeat
Quick repeat
Reality blurs
Pass out again
Gripping hard on to reality
I’m drowning in reality
I’m choking on my own reality
Pass out again
Can’t go on
Shut down sequence entered
Restart unconfirmed
Unending sleep

Today’s picture is a look at what’s under the hood of a Ferrari. A different perspective from the usual car shot. Here we get to see the inner workings of the vehicle.

The following two photos were taken at the range featuring their range of .40 calibers and their revolvers.

As always your thoughts are welcomed and I hope you all have a great weekend!

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