Free Association Friday


Hi all! Happy Friday!

Not much has happened between Wednesday and today. I watched A Knight’s Tale yesterday on Netflix. Good movie. Rocking out to Browned Eyed Girl right now.I finally got tired of One Direction.

The other night when I was cutting something with my Xacto knife, the blade snapped in half and nearly took out my eye. Scared the jeebus out of me. Now I’m looking around the house trying to find the spare blades. I put them in a pill bottle but I can’t seem to locate the pill bottle anywhere. Most upsetting. I guess that’s what i get for cutting with a dull knife. Lesson learnt.

Anyway onwards with some free association!

Night time flows towards the light of the day
Getting older makes me think of the time of the day when the night comes
Everything that I’ve dreamed of brings me fond memories of the luxurious gems
Dreamed of an epic and ended up craving more and more
Thinking of the explorations and the travels of the poor and weary traveller in the dark
Misty and foggy was the day when he chanced upon the cottage
Knocking and asking for shelter from the elements
“Is anybody there?” cries the lone traveller
The forest’s ferny and mossy floor covered in dew
Songs of the crows echo throughout the skies
The end softly comes

Today’s picture of of a Lamborghini covered in stickers! Stickers! The stickers make the car so kewl! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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