Free Association Friday


Hi all! Happy Good Friday! It’s nice to have a Friday off here and then. What did you all get up to today?

Death, light.
Darkness, life.
Idle, livid
Moving, stillness
Floating, sinking
Flying, sitting
Soaking, dry
Walks, runs
Air, water
Ice, fire
Saviour, destroyer
Listening, talking
Bleeding, living
Shadow, brightness
February, March
April, June
Belong, lost
Done, incomplete
Numb, feeling
Pushing, pulling
Forgotten, remembered

This is one of those days when doing a free association is difficult. I’m not sure what happens but today’s free association was definitely more difficult than other days.

Today’s picture was taken at the Vancouver Autoshow 2015. Another car in a series of car photos that I’ll be posting throughout April and May and quite possibly June, July, and August. I shot quite a number of cars while at the autoshow.

Have a good and safe Easter long weekend and as always your thoughts and comments are welcomed below. I’ll see you all next week!

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