Free Association Friday


Hi all! Happy Friday the 13th!

Hope you all had a safe and lucky day. I had a bit of bad luck – I overslept and was late for badminton but it was all good. I got a sound beating for my tardiness. So last week I was complaining about how irresponsible my doctor can be sometimes but that issue has been resolved. But you know what? I think it’ll happen again almost guaranteed to happen again. Sigh oh well, at least it’s not for something serious. It’s just hard sometimes understanding people’s mindset. I use voicemail and whenever someone leaves me a message I check it right away. I admit I use it at times as a way to screen calls but I still check the messages nonetheless and if they’re important I callback right away. I guess I can’t project my mindset onto other people and expect them to do the same. Badminton today was great. I was playing with a friend’s two coworkers and they’re a blast to be around. They’re not the best but they certainly try and their efforts almost always end up in hilarity. Anyway after that we went to have sushi.

Green tree leaves fall down
Holy shit I have to pee
Grave digging robbers

My first free association haiku.

Today’s picture was taken in Beijing amazing clear skies and shows the cities problem with traffic congestion.
Anyway I hope you all have a good weekend and as always you’re all welcomed to leave your comments and thoughts below!

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