Free Association Friday


Hi all! Happy Friday!

This week has been a rather quick week. Monday I edited all the photos and on Tuesday I handed them in to the client. Went through about two hundred photos and weeded them out and ended up with a about a hundred that I deemed good. Yesterday my cousin came with her baby. She’s so cute! She just recovered from pneumonia and lost a bunch of weight but her cheeks are still chubby and so soft! Anyway onwards with Free Association Friday!

A crane sorrowfully sings,
A flower blooms.
The line between reality blurs
A rose petal falls
Withered and dry
The grave kissed by sunlight
Shines a light that can’t be seen
There’s no tomorrow
Living the days,
Soaking up the moonlight
Grey are the days
Waiting for the heart to bloom
When it snows
Stranger are the days that come
Shaded, obscured
Power, pleasure, pain
Can’t be seen
Can’t be felt
Scrambling to the surface to breathe
Just about enough
Mysterious nights
Ancient gods gather in the gloom

Today’s photo was taken in Guangzhou and in a crossing guard stops a bunch of young people carrying goods. One of them can be seen sneaking behind some of the boxes.

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