Free Association Friday


Hi all! Happy Friday!

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, good night. Broken forever beyond repair beginning the end. Once upon a time lived happily ever after. No words explain the grandeur of the scale. To live to die to sing another tune. After before forward behind. Between the lines blurred lines, blurred lives. In the beginning was the light of all things beautiful. In the end was the darkness of all things evil. Silly, shaking, suffering. Towards the rows of metal beams grows a new life, a new spark. The leaves of the springling grows into a sproutful tree. The branches reach towards the never ending skies of opportunity. Twisting, grinding, frolicking. Roots tangled beneath the behemoth bones. A mouse, a giant, a hutterbring. Use the tools to build a shelter from the elements. The settings of the environment – impossible. Appearances grant wishes and those who seek it are forever bound to the lostfulness of the void. Pages seem to last forever. Flipping from time to space in an unending song of despair. Oranges: bright, colorful, beautiful. Soft is the touch to those brave enough to bring together the patterns of the seams. Old time rocking and turning into dust. Generations lost in the wilderness of prayers. Together at last to see the last rising of the stars. It will bring calamity to those who stand. Death to the living and rotting to the flesh. Systems of pain designed to inflict disaster upon minds. Heartaches and rolling stars. One vocal, alone. And so it goes towards the nights that never end. Beneath the dirt filled roads of paradise there lies a leviathan, waiting. Cunning and devious of mind, it hunts those too disillusioned by the glory of the sun. Dancing, prancing, pouncing. Solitude in the light. Happy people all alone in the life of the dawn. Love, caring, power. Wanted: Dead or Alive, the System of Pain. It grows smaller each day, shrinking and shrivelling. What is the price of fame to those who seek it? Storming through the valleys of joy. Wandering through the gullies of guilt. Where are you? Seeking, searching, pursuing. Waiting…

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