Free Association Friday


Hi all! Happy Friday!

Hello, goodbye. I miss you already. It seems like only yesterday we were spending our time laughing and frolicking in the fields green. Did you forget the roses of spring and the twigs of autumn? The hellos we’ve said a thousand times mean great worth to the penny across the sea. It itches and scratches at the brain to delve deeper and deeper within the heart. The long solemn goodbyes were held in the highest regard for each one represented a parting gift of momentous giving. I plead you to stay and not to leave but that simply will not do. You must leave and I must stay. We are held apart by the sea and the sea is unforgiving and immovable with all its might. The stony walls that once were are now rubble stacked up on one side signifying a release of emotions. Emotions that run deep within the veins of our love of life. To move and to flow freely from all the bonds that tie us down. We dance in the twilight of the dwindling sun to the sounds of the birds of wind. The winds of change have come upon us and compels us to move forward in our dreams. The reapers have come to collect the grains of thought sowed long ago. The parchment with words scratched upon it tells the tale of a forgotten love. Auguries of deception lie in the waiting hollow of a tree. Barren is the land on which the tree grows but yet it grows. It grows strong and is unyielding to the elements of time.

It is time for parting words and yet my tongue fails me at every turn. I can not bring myself to say those all important words of farewell. Tell me again the stories of how we used to dance in the summer sun and sing in the autumn rain. It feels like everywhere I turn I can only see your face. Today shall pass and the everlasting light will diminish and dim a little more from your absence. Fair is the weather and fair is your face and fair is the wind upon which you shall leave. Hello and goodbye.

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