Happy New Years!


Hi everyone and happy Thursday! Happy New Years!

Yesterday I pre-emptively started my New Year’s resolution and cleaned up the room a bit. It’s far from over but it a start. I mentioned about being claustrophobic in my room in another post and I’m starting to feel the anxiety levels drop. I see space in my room, room to breathe, room to move and express myself. I’ll tidy my room section by section. The biggest problem is not knowing where to put all my things.

On another note, I got a B&H Photo’s gift card from a friend for Christmas and I don’t know what to buy with it. I’ve been looking at lenses even though I don’t really need another lens. I’ve been looking at binoculars and scopes, quadrocopters, prosumer camcorders, and video stabilizers. If you have any suggestions feel free to leave a comment below. I need help!

I know it’s New Years and as such should be a happy time and I should have a happy colorful picture to post, but I don’t have one. But I rather like this photo of the man sitting on his scooter watching the bleak world pass by him. Perhaps you could even say that we are the man watching bleak and drab lives passing by. That the norms of society have boxed us in and we have conformed to those standards. Who knows? Or perhaps he was just tired of the rain and needed a rest before tackling the busy traffic.

Hm! I fell asleep writing this short blog post; it’s a sign of things to come! Ciao! Good night!

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