Free Association Friday

Hi all! Happy Friday!

I’m still adjusting back to normal day life after my short vacation. It’s amazing how small things can affect life at large in general.

Free from the bonds of superfluous notes the old man lay on the ground soaking in the freedom. The chariots of light brings forth a rush of happiness. Spread your wings and fly. Walking down the road chariots give me strength to fight the battle. Gunslinging warriors of the past. Chocolate coverd berries with a pinch of salt. Do not cross the borders of the insane. Extremes are dominated by fullness. Kingdoms of small empires build a large weapon to defend against the hordes of big foes. Flying by the map, fighting against the wind, spread your wings and fly. Upon the rock there was a spot of blood tainted with a pin prick of poison. Wingoes by the night light up the darkness surrounding the trees. Watermelons are bouncing along the streets singing the songs of days gone by. Memories meltdown to sugary treats. I’m singing out loud the words of the prophets that spoke of the mountains moving and the oceans parting.

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