Free Day Hiatus


Hi all! Happy Friday!

So as it turns out school’s a lot more of a commitment than I expected. As such, I’ve decided to go on a little break until school ends in early August. It won’t be a long time, we’re almost there. It’s almost the end of May. I profusely apologize to the few regular readers who patrol the interwebs for my lack of posts recently. Again school has sucked up a lot more of my time. I’ve been exhausted from lack of sleep. My sleep cycle has been flipped upside down and the more medications I take, the more topsy turvy it gets. I’m trying to adjust it slowly.

Basically what’s happening right now is I sleep during the day and not at all at night. As you can see, this is a bit of a problem with school. School doesn’t agree with sleeping in class, so it’s a real chore trying to stay awake when I’m supposed to. Another way of describing it is like jetlag. I find it extremely difficult to stay awake during the day and so during quiet times I fall asleep and end up not sleeping at night. This causes lots of problems such as when I have assignments to do I’m not able to focus 100%. I’m also not focusing 100% in class. I often have a glazed look in my eyes in class and I’m probably drooling too.

Anyway, while I freak out about school and assignments you can all relax and go on with your pretty lives. Wish me luck! And as always, your thoughts and comments are welcomed below!

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