Monday Rejuvenation Factor


Hi all! Happy Monday!

I know I didn’t post all week last week! Ahhh! What happened?! Start of school that’s what happened. Scrambling to get myself in gear for school, I put aside things that weren’t important (yes, this blog is in fact not all that important to me after all) and I went into school mode. Which simply put is abandoning everything except school related things. Anything that had nothing to do with school was put aside and ditched. I, instead, focused my energies on sleeping and eating. I needed to get those two factors straightened out so that I would have maximum energy for school. Needless to say, in my usual grand and catastrophic manner, messed things up. I sleep like a cat and eat like a panda. It’s an extremely distressing situation that I’m having a hard time rectifying. Due to the nature of the current situation, staying awake in classes is a tough thing to do as is participation. My mind wanders and I end up with a glazed look in my eyes. The mind has left and has gone off to the great pastures in the beyond the beyond.

My constant nervous disposition does not make school life easy. I’m always on edge about what’s coming up next. I find it hard to sleep even with my deadly cocktail of medications. However, my mood has remained stable. I haven’t been majorly depressed in a while which bodes well. But being forever anxious makes things volatile and at any given moment something will tip the scales. I’m careful not to aggravate things. I avoid people and situations that contain potential triggers. So to everyone who wants to see the ever popular me, I’m sorry but I like my privacy. It may be boring as hell but it’s a lot safer for me.

I hope you all have a good week! I’ll figure something out about the adjusting the frequency of posts due to school. And as always, you thoughts and comments are welcomed below!

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