Free Association Friday


Hi all! Happy Friday!

Demons from the south came scrambling into view. Their intent was to capture the holy sanctuary of Dunemar. Upon the sight of the unholy beasts the soldiers cried out in anguish. To beat their foe would take a toll. Captain Tollyberry from Treasure Planet: The Early Years Part 1 to be continued. The dawn of the dead resounds with joyous exultations. To become the bearer of pomp is to lose the soul. Taking the bridge at the helm of the gate is to be greatly diminished by their fear of the sounds of awkward silence. Forwards towards the battle of the page, beaten by the spaces between the feet of the one in front they march on. For glory lies in their deaths with their blood spilt upon the cobblestone. Hoops of holes of dancing lore, for their story lies in the forgotten scrolls. They march on. Lieutenant Goose Chapter 3 Verse 4 states clear the lines of their goals. With broken arms they cry out in pain and gore. They sleep upon the softest of clouds, blissfully unawares of the dangers that stand in their way.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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