Good Tomorrow


Hi all! Happy Wednesday!

Good tomorrow! I don’t usually blog the day of. I usually blog the day before and schedule WordPress to publish at a certain time. Go WordPress! Press that stuff! So anyway, good tomorrow to you all!

I didn’t post anything this weekend due to the Passover/Good Friday/Easter holidays. Something I observe and celebrate with varying degrees of chocolaty satisfaction. Some years it’s more chocolaty. This year was choc full of chocolate. I had to attend to an Easter baptism photo shoot on Saturday evening. That was the highlight of the weekend. A huge gong show; it seemed like the whole thing was thrown together at the last minute. No one knew what was going on and so I was left thinking and moving on my feet trying to judge the situation as it progressed. Overall, I’m just glad the event’s over. Now I have hundreds of pictures to filter and process. It’ll be a grueling task. I don’t like going through so many photos, mainly because I can’t sit still. Time to find a jam I like and chug away!

I also had a maths examination today. Aced it.

As always your thoughts and comments are welcomed below! Have a good week! Stay safe.

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