Blood Moon MIA


Hi all! Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday morning was the lunar eclipse deal. I waited all night to try and see it but the clouds didn’t give way. They stayed and ruined my romantic night out with myself. I’m rather upset at the weather today for having done that to me. And when I’m upset I sleep. I sleep a lot. I believe my spirit animal is a cat. I slept a good 15-16 hours. I was hoping to get some good photos and post them online. But no, the stupid weather here wouldn’t hear of it. It wouldn’t go away, it decided it would situated it’s lazy ass in bed and not move for hours. Sounds a lot like me. But I’m better because I at least toss and turn. The clouds didn’t even move.

I’m being a big child. Today’s going to be a busy day. I have to visit the college, then I have my anxiety group which I hate, and then I have a doctor’s appointment. It’s such an awkward group for me to be in. It’s so provoking. I haven’t really learnt anything from it either. It’s just two hours of dryness. I find myself falling asleep at times.

Anyway enough of my ramblings, I hope you have a good rest of the week. And as always your comments are welcomed below!

One thought on “Blood Moon MIA

  1. Oh, I thought I could see some good pictures of it!! I couldn’t see it either, and our weather is fantastic! But…you can look for great pictures on internet…or wait until October! 😉

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