Free Association Friday


Hi all! Happy Friday!

So today I went out to take some pictures. I got a couple good ones! I’ll be posting them up as the weeks go by so stay tuned! Until then let’s get some free association going!

It started with a bump in the night of the hourly ghost. It stayed until the dawn and disappeared without a trace. Thump bump it went as the night went on. Towards the dawn it increased in tenacity and frequency. The ghosts of the past were haunting the pillows of dreams. They were there to watch over the never ending haunts of past mistakes. Those tiny little fingers creeping down into your neck as they twitch and pull at all the little horrors you’ve ever committed. You’re a criminal and a wreck. You’re a failure and a deck. A rotting deck that can hold no weight. Useless and dilapidated, you’re left to rot in the piles of long forgotten dreams. Hump thump. They’re coming. Closer and closer they creep. Day and night their presence is felt. That tingling feeling in the neck. You know they’re near. Just waiting. They feed off your fear and your uneasiness.

The dawn does little to ease the pains of the night. Countless sleepless nights have created a zombie. A shell of a person. A hollow being with no hope or chance of escape. It would be better to hang myself in a futile attempt to escape all the creeping horrors. I don’t’ want face the thumps and bumps in the night anymore. But they latch on sucking and draining every ounce of life from me. They keep me alive for their amusement.

I hope you all have a very good weekend! I hope to see you all next week! And as always your thoughts and comments are welcomed below!

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