The Anniversary of Something New


Hi all! Happy Wednesday!

I am a little late in the celebration of being one month sober. But I shall nonetheless celebrate in tardiness the celebration of something new. Do I feel different? Not particularly. But it does feel good to know that I’m not binging and destroying my liver. I’ll admit it was good, if for a short while. It felt good being drunk. I could forget for a short while my problems and drift away in blackouts that would eventually come about. I didn’t care that I felt sick to the stomach afterwards. Who would care? Certainly not anyone, I thought. But as it turns out there are a lot of people around me that do care. My parents and friends to cousins and even complete strangers on the great interwebs care a great deal.

Now I have something bright to look forward to again. My faith is renewed and I’m working towards something big. I need to focus as much energy as I can on it so that the best results can be achieved. I’ve sobered up and gotten back on the saddle. Let’s pray and hope I don’t screw things up again. With my medications and therapists and support from my family, I hope to continue on this journey of discovery without the aid of alcohol. So here’s a virtual toast to celebrate something new and good and to good health and all that.

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