Confession Regurgitation

Hi all! Happy Wednesday! To be honest I’m not the person with too many boundaries. Anything’s really up for talks. Ask and you shall receive sort of deal, whether or not I answer is my business. You’re free to ask anything your mind wants and desires. Knowledge is powah! I’m not sure when it started. […]

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Letting Go Retention

Hi all! Happy Monday! Since my breakup I’ve been having a little bit of difficulty letting go, so instead I’ve really let myself go. I’ve gained a good forty pounds from moping around the house. I’ve simply stopped caring about the basic necessities of personal hygiene. But then again why does it matter? I’m not […]

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Free Association Friday

Hi all! Happy Friday! Demons from the south came scrambling into view. Their intent was to capture the holy sanctuary of Dunemar. Upon the sight of the unholy beasts the soldiers cried out in anguish. To beat their foe would take a toll. Captain Tollyberry from Treasure Planet: The Early Years Part 1 to be […]

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Good Tomorrow

Hi all! Happy Wednesday! Good tomorrow! I don’t usually blog the day of. I usually blog the day before and schedule WordPress to publish at a certain time. Go WordPress! Press that stuff! So anyway, good tomorrow to you all! I didn’t post anything this weekend due to the Passover/Good Friday/Easter holidays. Something I observe […]

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Blood Moon MIA

Hi all! Happy Wednesday! Tuesday morning was the lunar eclipse deal. I waited all night to try and see it but the clouds didn’t give way. They stayed and ruined my romantic night out with myself. I’m rather upset at the weather today for having done that to me. And when I’m upset I sleep. […]

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Hi all! Happy Monday! I have an issue with shortsightedness in all senses of the word. I can’t see a foot past my own nose and I can’t see past my current problems. When I encounter a problem I get so obsessed over it that I can’t see a solution beyond the one solution. I […]

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Free Association Friday

Hi all! Happy Friday! So today I went out to take some pictures. I got a couple good ones! I’ll be posting them up as the weeks go by so stay tuned! Until then let’s get some free association going! It started with a bump in the night of the hourly ghost. It stayed until […]

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The Anniversary of Something New

Hi all! Happy Wednesday! I am a little late in the celebration of being one month sober. But I shall nonetheless celebrate in tardiness the celebration of something new. Do I feel different? Not particularly. But it does feel good to know that I’m not binging and destroying my liver. I’ll admit it was good, […]

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Scrambling Eggs

Hi all! Happy Monday! The weekend was a bit of a blur. I slept almost all of Saturday having no energy to do anything. I spent Sunday out at the hardware stores shopping for things just to get some juices flowing to the head and all that. Also went to the car dealership to check […]

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Free Association Friday

Hi all! Happy Friday! I’ve been really busy and stressed out this week, so my apologies for missing Wednesday’s post. So, without further ado here’s this week’s Free Association Friday! Never mind then I don’ have my meds and Madeline! I guessed it was a surprisingly good incentive to do it anyway. I’m going out […]

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