Blood Rejection Predicament


Hi all! Happy Monday!

I’m so upset right now. I didn’t get to donate blood on the holy and sacred day of Caturday because I visited some rural villages while I was in China and that started ringing alarm bells for them. They have deferred me for a year on the basis that I am at risk for transmitting malaria. I guess I should be more understanding in this important issue. But it still hurts me so much. I was looking forward to donating blood. It’s one of the few “past times” I enjoy and it’s predictable and simple. Many people for some reason frown upon my giving blood and don’t understand why I take so much joy in getting poked by a needle.

It’s not that I enjoy getting pierced in the arm by a complete but now familiar stranger by a needle. I enjoy the thought of being able to help someone by my small sacrifice. It’s amazes to no end when my mother gets upset that I have yet another blood donation appointment scheduled. She questions why they always want me to give blood. It’s not so much that they want me to, it’s that I honestly want to give it away. They’re constantly scheduling appointments because there are always lives that require blood. Particularly when my blood type is compatible with so many different other types. It makes me feel so useful despite having to do so little. It’s the perfect gift for me to others – little pain on my part, great gains for another.

Having rambled on about not being able to give blood, there was a silver lining to all this. I got myself enrolled in stem cell donation this time and so that’s another thing on my “to donate” list. I hope that one day I’ll be able to help someone with my cells.

Sometimes when there are obstacles in life, if you look very carefully you can slip right through the gaps. Or you can step and jump over them! Be creative!

I hope you all have a wonderful week! And as always your thoughts and comments are welcomed below!

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