Free Association Friday


Hi all! Happy Friday!

The teapot on the stove top continues to steam and bubble. The shriek from the children as they walk along the wooden bridge rings throughout the night as a reminder of the dead. They celebrate the age of coming by their thoughts. The calendar on the desk shows the dates of the electrical outlets. Their old age has created a time warp for the green chairs. The chairs have assembled and will rise against the armies of the legs. The legs have been their enemy for many years. Their slave masters. They will rise again to heir former glory and renew the strings of Dack.

Throughout the history of the Dack, there have been conflicts with the  chairs, but after the gathering of the legs they have been allied with the green chairs. The humans who watch over all these happenings are beginning to squirm in an uncomfortable mood. The uprising will not bode well for them. They fear a loss. If they lose, they lose all the privileges granted to the well seated. They will have to do something to avert this shift in power. But there is little they can do. The time warp afforded to the green chairs is too powerful to overcome. They will lose. They will die. They will be forgotten.

The honor of the Hordim will be bestowed upon the Dack and with this new power they will rule the world with benevolence and prosperity. Dacknirs will become the most powerful beings in the world. Their names forever engraved into the outlets of time as great and merciful beings. The humans will fall into disgrace for having failed in being benevolent rulers.

As always, your thoughts and comments are welcomed below.

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