Free Association Friday


Hi all! Happy Friday!

Processing the amount of numbers in the backup created a huge explosion of words for the addition of algorithms. If the lines aren’t properly aligned then the entire document is thrown off by one inch. The number of people lining up for ice cream is zero. Plus the eight hours of difference that makes nine. The queen of spades made a huge mistake. The demon armor of the guardians was stolen by the terminator believing it was made of solid gold. Syncing the squiggles makes a speech bubble appear above the rabbits head. Querying the rabbit the only answer it gave was a squeak and a peek and a jiggle of the nose. It then gave a loud roar and a yawn and disappeared down the forest lawn. Slipping and sliding as it went, giving way to the fullness of the awesome power of the colors of the sky. Bursting through the clouds with a powerful crack was the light of the new dawn. And down by the bay were gathered a hundred or more waiting for the arrival of the awakened. The glow of the words of the awakened captures the spirit of the rebirthed. To be underlined in red and blue and yellow and gold are the stanzas of the word. The grid of the proper and the backdrop of the cleared. There are no spots left on this ship that sails to the northern shores of the isle.

And as always your thoughts and comments are welcomed below! Have a good weekend!

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