Forgetfulness Freak-out


Hi all! Happy Monday!

It’s Monday! I can’t believe it’s Monday. I totally forgot and didn’t have a post prepared. I usually write one the day before and I schedule it to post on Monday.

This past week since my discharge has been a little woozy. Everything’s a bit of a blur and at times I feel like a raging bull for no reason. I feel so restless and angry. I jump from one task to another and often I leave them unfinished and extremely half-assed. I can’t sleep because of all the racing thoughts in my head. It’s so frustrating when you have that sleeping sensation but you can’t sleep. All I can do is sit here and chain-yawn and wipe my eyes.

There seems to be an overwhelming amount of things on my calendar even though there are only one or two events, they seem like a giant mountain. I’m glad I have a calendar because in my current state I’d forget I even had any events. It’s so annoying when I’m trying to reach for and attain the healthy me and my body’s lagging several laps behind.

I’ve been practicing breathing exercises, well a breathing exercise. I just breathe deeply in and out. It seems to have some sort of calming effect. But we won’t know until I do it some more. Try out some breathing exercises and see what they do for you!

As always, your thoughts and comments are welcomed below!

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