Free Association Friday


Hi all! Happy Friday!

Today’s Free Association Friday. I must admit it’s a bit of a lifesaver because there are days when I don’t know what to post and this gives me an outlet to post complete nonsense and still fulfil the requirements of posting something. So with that let’s get started.

There once was a boy in the town of Nice who loved to wander about the trees looking for truffles. He was a youth with the wisdom of an old man brought about up from the old country. He loved to destroy bottles, looking for the shiniest pieces and placing them amongst the stars. From there we have the constellations and from there we get our knowledge of the universe. Towards the left of the clouds were two birds dancing and twisting, gyrating and spiraling in unison to the sound of the music from the sunlight. Their convulsions are a product of the ever changing times of the future. Together with the young child they conclude the picture of presence. And in the presence we find the old and tattered remains of the dry and brittle stones of the past. They have been preserved by the future of the old to commemorate the accomplishments of the ways of the ancients, to learn from and to instruct the new of the old the ways of the forgotten but tenacious. The old of the new are complacent and require the teachings and knowledge of the new-old. They create a balance of waves in the continuum of things. To bring together a withered sac of honey filled with vinegar. In order for the world to continue to exist the words of the headings must be heeded in order fulfill the applications of styles. The two must meet head on and form a spacing no bigger than the biggest emphasis of headings. There we will find the absorption of happiness and of control. We must continue to persevere in the presence of things in order to create a well of mindfulness to tame the rough and destructive oceans of fate. Another feeling of emotion, of happiness, or of sadness must not be tempted to feel. We must bring the sizes of change to the order of their parents and create the lines and lineage of order from the wells of life. To change the subscription of earthly desires from to forth the alignment of the stars we must bring the tutelage of the hells to understanding.

And as always, your comments and thoughts are welcomed below! Have a nice weekend!

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