Blood Rejection Predicament

Hi all! Happy Monday! I’m so upset right now. I didn’t get to donate blood on the holy and sacred day of Caturday because I visited some rural villages while I was in China and that started ringing alarm bells for them. They have deferred me for a year on the basis that I am […]

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Free Association Friday

Hi all! Happy Friday! The teapot on the stove top continues to steam and bubble. The shriek from the children as they walk along the wooden bridge rings throughout the night as a reminder of the dead. They celebrate the age of coming by their thoughts. The calendar on the desk shows the dates of […]

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Bountiful Blood

Hi all! Happy Wednesday! I’m so excited to donate blood again later this week. It’s been a while since I last donated. So pumped for it. I’m always excited to give blood. There’s something happy and wonderful about being to donate blood. I think it’s being able to help someone just by sitting around for […]

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Empowered Energy

Hi all! Happy Monday! Sorry I missed Free Association Friday! I was feeling awfully lazy on Thursday and equally lazy on Friday, so I didn’t post anything. I feel a lack of ideas lately. I mean the whole point of the blog was to focus on something and I feel I’ve lost that something. Or […]

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When did Wednesday Come?

Hi all! Happy Wednesday! Seriously. Where did it come from? One moment I’m looking at my calendar and it’s Monday and the next it’s the middle of the week. What have I done? Nothing. Do I feel bad about it? Yes. Am I going to do anything about it? No. Rinse and repeat. I find […]

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Muggy Monday Weekend

Hi all! Happy Monday! Enough with the doom and gloom. I find my sleeping medications make me most wondrously happy after I’ve taken them. I shall have to make and take special note of that and use it to my advantage when I feel most down and out. Much of the weekend was spent wallowing […]

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Free Association Friday

Hi all! Happy Friday! Processing the amount of numbers in the backup created a huge explosion of words for the addition of algorithms. If the lines aren’t properly aligned then the entire document is thrown off by one inch. The number of people lining up for ice cream is zero. Plus the eight hours of […]

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Vomit-machine Factor

Hi all! Happy Wednesday! It’s been a week or so since my last little accident-on-purpose incident and I’m still feeling queasy thinking back about it. My stomach still flips out when I think about what I did. I still want to vomit. These past few days have been really trying. I just lie around and […]

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Forgetfulness Freak-out

Hi all! Happy Monday! It’s Monday! I can’t believe it’s Monday. I totally forgot and didn’t have a post prepared. I usually write one the day before and I schedule it to post on Monday. This past week since my discharge has been a little woozy. Everything’s a bit of a blur and at times […]

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Free Association Friday

Hi all! Happy Friday! Today’s Free Association Friday. I must admit it’s a bit of a lifesaver because there are days when I don’t know what to post and this gives me an outlet to post complete nonsense and still fulfil the requirements of posting something. So with that let’s get started. There once was […]

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