Snowy Predicament


Hi all! Happy Monday!

How was your weekend? I spent most of my Saturday working on an Illustrator project. It’s not turning out the way I want it. Well it was at first but things turned south after a while. From there I started to get tunnel vision and I lost sight of what the original picture was.

Unfortunately, that happens in life for me as well. Too often I get so absorbed and involved in something I love that I start to lose sight of why I like it so much, of why it makes me so happy. More often than not I end up spiraling out of control and I get frustrated and I end up being self-destructive. These are moments when mindfulness comes into play. I need to step back from all of it and just breathe and realize it’s not the end of the world. I can take a break from it and nothing bad will happen. I can refocus and re-strategize a new approach.

I’ve since made several notes of possible changes to my project and I’m planning on seeking some advice on it. I need some tutelage and guidance on how to better proceed with this project. And that would not have come about if I hadn’t taken a step back instead of rushing in head first into the unknown. I notice I’m slowly starting to notice these moments and I’m taking action to prevent them from spiraling out of control. I only wish my energy levels lasted more than 4 hours in a 24 hour day. It’s hard to get things done when you’re asleep more than you’re awake. It’s frustrating but I’m learning to cope with it. I have to take naps in between my hours and I’m slowly getting a feel for when my peak time is for productivity. I have plans to increase the hours that I’m awake and getting active is one of my top priorities. Going to the gym, and playing sports will hopefully get my energy levels back up bit by bit. I know it won’t be a snap a finger and poof kind of deal but I have to start somewhere. I’m back and square one and from here I have to make a decision as to where square two is and where it’s headed.

From sun and rain to snow the next day. We have to be prepared for what’s not coming as well.

Thanks for reading! As always your thoughts and comments are welcomed!

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