Free Association Friday

Coal Harbor Planes

Hi all! Happy Friday!

If the sun and the moon both leapt around the earth together in unison what would you get? Would you get a solar eclipse? Or a lunar eclipse? What are you doing to do about either of them? Would you want them to stop or go to the farm and put a bucket on your head? The red light on the bucket signifies that it is ready to take off into the cow’s stomach and explode into a million pieces of confetti so finely cut that it makes razor sharp cotton balls. These cottons balls are then extracted using a vodka bottle and taken into the hospital for use as brooms. The brooms are special and they’re used only to clean the floors on the fifteenth floor. The fifteenth floor houses the most dangerous criminals of all time, the bunny crushers. These rabbits are beyond cute. They could destroy the world with their cuteness but society has, at very little cost, rounded them all up and put them in the hospital’s most secure ward.

But today is a special day. Today is Saturday because of the rotational gravitational pull of the earth’s electromagnetic pulsations on Mars. It makes everything go backwards into time and then forwards again by twice the amount making it really Monday. But because of the heading factor, we can adjust for the difference in time and conclude that it is Friday. What we’re really trying to say is that we have discovered a new species of time relative to the positional location of the planets. It is a special day because of the amount of strangers who have come to see the annual dive of the bottles. Bottles from all over the world are gathered yearly and then thrown into ocean to see which one sinks the most. Then the loser wins. It is a huge festival that and many people celebrate it with lots of food and different types of drinks. The waste is then all buried underneath the sand on the beach. The smell lingers for several months but people have gotten used to it. They wear gas masks with oxygen supplies and go about their daily routines.

Have a nice free association Monday everyone! Please subscribe and leave your precious comments!

Everything is nice and pretty here in the soul of the universe! Sometimes, lining everything up doesn’t make much sense. Entropy is the only way at times.

Take care!

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