Withering Away

Rainbow After the Storm

Hi all! Happy Wednesday!

Despite the heavy rains and dreary weather, there are brief moments of peace, serenity and beauty. Unlike the weather, I haven’t been so prone to these brief moments of reprieve. The week so far has been dreadful. Much regrets. Very disappointing. Such sadness. Wow.

Things are a complete mess around me and I’m getting more and more cluttered up. I’m turning around in circles in the same spot, lost and confused. I don’t know where to start tackling it all. I can’t focus. I forget things. I’m stuck at square one trying to figure where square two is. Really disappointed and frustrated right now. Sorry for the bummer post. I know it’s not great but I felt compelled to post something.

One thought on “Withering Away

  1. We’re in the same boat. The big difference being that you are able to make sense of the chaos after observing it for a while. Square two might be hidden, but you always find it. It’s a gift really. Something I hope I can learn to do. Alas, I have a tendency to dive headlong into the clutter and mess. This always [yes, always] results in a bigger mess and more confusion. Others usually dig me out of my mess.

    Just thought I’d offer a different perspective 🙂

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