Weathering Wet Weather


Hi all! Happy Friday!

Here in the city, it’s usually quite wet and I find that my mood takes quite a dip on such dreary days. I’m not sure where it goes, but it goes down rather steeply and deeply. It’s amazing how deep the abyss is. On these days, I can’t bring myself to get out of bed. I pull the covers over my head and hide. For some reason the darkness that envelopes me brings me comfort despite the darkness on the outside. There’s an awesome power imbued in each and every blanket that comes out of some textiles factory in China. It protects and it comforts the soul when all the medication and breathing exercises in the world fails. But I understand that not everyone has this luxury. There are those of us who have to wrench ourselves from the bed and go about the daily hustle and bustle. Take whatever little time you have during the day to do something for you. Take the breaks. Don’t skip and work through lunch breaks. Take a moment and breathe. It may do little but sometimes a little goes a long way. If you can, go and scream your head off. I find it works well, until my throat gets sore then it’s not so much fun.

Recently I’ve taken advantage of Songza and I’ve been playing nonstop music in the background. Though sometimes it’s a bit much and it aggravates things. But that’s what the stop button’s for. Also I recommend checking out mindfulness. It’s a psychological concept that draws your attention to the now and your present being and not judging yourself for anything.

I’ve attended several mindfulness groups and I find it really helps with sleep. You’re not really supposed to fall asleep during the sessions as that defeats the whole point, but the exercises involved are so relaxing. I’ve gotten a couple of CDs from these sessions and I’ve tried them for sleep and they worked rather well. Though admittedly for me, the act of reaching the pill bottle is always easier. If you ever decide to get into mindfulness, there’s an app on the Google Play store. You set it to ring a bell every so often to remind you to take time to breathe and relax.

Here are some resources for those living in the community:

Anyway, have a good weekend! And as always, leave your ideas and comments below!

3 thoughts on “Weathering Wet Weather

  1. Thanks for this!
    I can’t work at the moment, but still get up each weekday at 0630 (which is a sleep in at our place – the dearly beloved gets up far earlier and leaves about then). I sometimes wish I could get back under the bedcovers, but the temptation is somewhat lessened by the fact that I’m living in Australia, where we’re drawing to the end of a hot, fiery summer – quite in contrast to the season you’re living through!
    I practice a lot of mindfulness to deal with my depression and anxiety. I can tell the difference between the days when I do, and the days when I don’t. It doesn’t help me avoid the major mood plummets, but it does help me “put on the brakes” by stopping and applying distress tolerance and self-soothing techniques.
    Be well, and snuggle!

    1. I can’t work at the moment either! But that gives me time to reflect and collect myself and all the little pieces. I’m still in the beginning stages of mindfulness, so it’s a bit of a struggle but getting to know your experience definitely gives me hope! Thanks for your thoughts!

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